Studio Classes

With Jess Le Clerc

Jess would like to personally invite artists on the Sunshine Coast who are interested in fine art guidance and tuition to her private weekly class. Jess has been teaching art for over two decades and is passionate about developing a small group of local artists who have been through the basics and are ready to take their art to the next level.

Specific forward motion in individual style and technique is the missing link in so many artists work. Having a mentor that understands this and the specifics of what the student is wanting to develop is key to an individual artists growth and success.

Working with a group of artists in a regular studio is one of the best ways to enjoy your art form and progress. Studio Students will need to bring their own supplies. This is a 3hr class.

This class will help artists in the following areas:

• Colour theory

• Perspective & value technical training

• Style development

• Drawing from life

• Goal setting as an artist

• Art prizes

• Exhibiting work

• Pricing work for sale 

Application needed for enrolment in this class: REGISTER HERE



Term 4 is commencing on Monday October 5 and will conclude on Monday December 7.

Application needed for enrolment in this class: REGISTER HERE


ENROL HERE (upon acceptance)