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From 8 years old to 98, our art curriculum focuses on the individual student, on growing their confidence, creativity and ability, whilst walking with them each step of the way.



We have two core beliefs; That human beings are essentially creative and that living creatively is what helps us all feel most alive.

Our school is about growing individuals through the practice of creativity.

We believe that anyone, at any age, can learn the techniques required to make incredible art (and by anyone we mean anyone!).

We want you to find ‘your unique way of seeing and making art.’ We’ve learned this needs to happen through both one on one teaching and in an environment with others who are seeking their own creativity.

We’re a bunch of misfits. We aren’t a specific type of person. We’re young and old, loud and quiet, beginners and professionals.

We fail together, we learn together and we're thankful for the opportunity to have an artistic space that allows us to be who we are.

We would love to have you join our little art community!

(And yes, most of our students are total beginners, but we do cater for those who have been practicing art for a while, and we even have full time artists as part of our school).


Great teachers, great resources and the friendliest vibe. On top of that, I’ve rediscovered my love of art and have been able to produce works I’m really proud of. Jess and her team are amazing and I love them!


Our daughter has finally found an interest that she is so excited about and can't wait to attend each week. Anyone who loves being creative will love this school. Big thanks to a great supportive team.


What great teachers! I have only been going to classes for 1 year & have already learned so much. Initially I was overwhelmed but can now relax & enjoy the process. This is from a person who did not draw or paint when I started!


This art school loves art and is passionate about fostering love of art in their students. The teachers are skilled and caring and bring out the gold in each individual student.


I just attended Jess' full day workshop in acrylic painting. Fantastic tuition, great atmosphere and a fun day! I learned so much!Highly recommended AA+++


Seriously skilled artists are nurtured at this art school. We get compliments all the time on account of our two daughters art. I reply, agreeing they are great, but that it’s their amazing teachers who can literally make any person a great artist.


It’s my happy place. The teachers are so amazing and supportive. It’s the highlight of my week!


Love my weekly art class. The teachers are fabulous and I always walk away feeling great about what I’ve created...


I loved art in High School but then my life happened... career, family etc. 25 years later I am now just getting back to my love of creative things & I'm finding time to find myself again.




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