I am the principal and founder of the Art School Co. and I am passionate about teaching others how to find their own voice and creativity through imagination and fine arts.

I have been teaching art for 20 years. I have no formal art qualifications (sorry mum and dad). I have my own artistic practice outside of teaching and have been a finalist in some of Australia’s most prestigious art prizes. My husband helps me run this school (behind the scenes) and together we try and balance all of this while raising 4 incredible kids.

My teachers and I would love the opportunity to help nurture and guide you on your artistic journey!


Callum has been teaching art since 2016 and has been amongst all things creative for 15+ years. Callum has a background in graphic design/marketing and is a tattoo enthusiast. His mediums of choice are watercolours, coloured pencils, pen illustrations and grey lead.

Callum’s biggest passion is to connect with people and help them find comfort in their own creativity as well as having a really good time! He’s usually the one dancing or having a laugh with our students…

Callum is also a personal trainer and is married to Ella.



Lauren has been teaching art at our school for the past five years. She brings over twenty years of experience working in various creative industries and a lifelong passion for visual art.

Her formal training is grounded in two years studying fine art at USC and then completing her Bachelor of Screen Production at the Queensland College of Art which kicked off a couple of decades of dabbling in film and television production, media consulting and creative management.

La’s experience has fueled her belief that everyone is creative and has an important story to share…  she loves helping our students grow and find their own creative voice. With a personal love for colour use, design and composition, La loves helping people use learned techniques and skills to develop their own style.

She lives with her husband, Shane and three spirited daughters Araminta, Holiday and Florence.



Caitlin has worked at the art school and has been apart of classes for the last 5 years. Beginning teaching at 16 years old she has grown with the school in her art practice. She undertook 6 months of studying Fine Art at QCOA, however found the skills she wanted to learn weren’t as practical as the technical ability she had already gained through the school.
Caitlin is passionate about all people believing in themselves creatively & giving people the tools to be able to create what they love. She believes the beautiful vulnerability found in making art helps people to better understand themselves.
Caitlin is also a Barista & is married to Bailey.


She has a Bachelor of Teaching and a Masters Degree in Education majoring in Leadership & Management. Her passion is children reaching their potential and having the self confidence and skills to do whatever they want to in life.

Rachelle has been an artist in her own right for many years and a weekly student at our art school for the last 5 years.

She is married to Ben and Mum to Charlie & Aubrey.


Cassi is a wife, mum and lover of all things creative. With a chef for a dad and an art teacher for a mum, its no surprise that she is a passionate foodie and artist!
Her background is in Graphic Design but Cassi loves working in a variety of fine art mediums (her favourites include charcoal, coloured pencils & oil paint…. but also ink, watercolour & grey lead).
As a teacher, Cassi loves the chance to guide people through the artistic process. She believes the journey of an artwork is equally as important as the finished result and desires to help each student enjoy the learning experience as much as possible.


With a Fine Arts degree & over 10 years of filmmaking experience at her back, Grace is passionate about bringing visual stories to life – whether it be with a camera, sewing machine or canvas. She really takes the whole ‘Makers Gonna Make’ motto to heart & her hands are always itching to dive into a new project.

Grace has been an active student of the Art School Co. for a number of years, before deciding to saddle this with a teaching role – bringing with her a unique perspective on art, and a passion for empowering others to keep on creating! Grace currently works alongside Rachelle teaching our incredible Primary and Homeschool Students.