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Pastel Artimal Workshop for Kids


4 hour Workshop

1pm-5pm Monday December 13th or Tuesday December 14th 

Ages 8-13

Who doesn’t love all the amazing animals that are in our world! We are going to capture these amazing animals using one of our favourite mediums, pastels! However its more than that! This workshop is also about composition, how we can bring different elements together to make one piece of art. The students will have to decide where their animal is going to live: The jungle, in a desert, perhaps deep in the Mariana trench or high up in the mountains of Tibet! They will pull different references together to create their amazing...Artimal!

The kid's will leave the workshop with their own designed Animal Artwork in Pastels, framed in our Magnetic Frames

- Light Afternoon tea included

- Bring an apron or old t-shirt in case of happy accidents