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‘Bold Blooms’ Workshop with Artist Shyanne Clarke


‘Bold Blooms’ Workshop with Artist Shyanne Clarke

Beginners Gouache and pencil

10am-1pm Wednesday 12th January


6pm-9pm Thursday 13th January

Spend a few hours at Art School Co. for a foundation of gouache painting and design workshop.

This 3 hour workshop is suitable for total beginners and/or for the people who just want to relax.

Our teachers will guide you through creating a gouache and pencil botanical painting and you’ll go home with an array of techniques and tricks! We’ll talk through designing a dynamic composition, colour palette design, drawing technique and gouache application.

At the end of the morning you’ll leave with a beautiful artwork that you can either hang or gift.

All supplies included in workshop.


About Shyanne

Shyanne is a contemporary artist with a love of exaggerated colour, design and mixing various mediums.

To follow her journey is to visit her dreams: a fusion of surf culture, 90's nostalgia and florals - her art has graced surfboards, international labels and murals beside her favourite boutiques.