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Aesthetic Acrylics - Art for your home


‘Aesthetic Acrylics’ Art for your home with Callum O'shea

Acrylics and Shapes

Spend the evening at Art School Co. for an immersive experience creating beautiful artworks composed with aesthetic shapes and warm earthy tones. This is a great workshop for people wanting to create their own high quality artwork for their home or as a gift. 

This 3 hour workshop is suitable for total beginners and/or for the people who just want to relax.

Our teachers will guide you through creating and composing your very own aesthetic acrylic painting. You will also leave having learnt with an array of fun techniques and tricks! We’ll talk through designing a dynamic composition, colour palette design, drawing techniques and paint application.

At the end of the workshop you’ll leave with a beautiful artwork created using high quality materials, that you can either hang in your own home or gift.

In this workshop we will be using:

- 640gsm Fabriano watercolour paper with a deckled edge (size 56x76cm)

- Matisse acrylic paints (highly lightfast) 


About Callum:

Callum O’Shea is a visual artist from the Sunshine Coast who has a love for all things creativity and composition. Producing aesthetic pieces within a range of mediums and occasionally falling back to his roots of graphic design. 

Callum likes a finger in every pie when it comes to his creative outlet. From oil paints to charcoals, delicate watercolours to stick and poke tattoo’s his appetite for creativity has no boundaries.